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Hi guys, i'm brand new to the forum and BMW ownership!

I'm picking up an E88 on Friday and i want to get some new wheels to fit immediately (so my fiance doesnt think ive bought some on top of just paying for the car - she hates cars)

I'm trying to think out the box in terms of wheels and i've found some potentials.

Apparently the X3 e83 style 143 should fit with 235/40/18 tyres.

Only concern i have is that theyre M14 bolts. I believe its M12 on the e88? The cup head on the bolt is the exact same width, as is the CB so they should fit, right?

Cheers in advance!


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They're both 60 degrees, but Being an M14 bolt, I want to make pretty sure the cones are the same diameter.

The cone could be larger, leaving you with little overlap with a smaller M12 bolt?
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