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I recently road tested a X1 xDrive 20d SE.

From first glance its basically a revamped 1er measuring 4"s taller i believe and a lovely looking front end. Cosmetically the car looks nice enough although they have put huge wing mirrors on the car creating a false sense of size.

Upon entering the car my first impression was "WTF have they done". The seating position was terrible, the autobox was a manky gatored style one and the whole layout of car just felt wrong. The car had the comfort package and the complete integrated sat nav which was nice enough but it just felt out of touch.

The drive was bizarre. Having a slighty higher seating position created a false sense of grandeur on the road. The wing mirrors meant you could see the whole road behind you and also half way up the street to the you're right. I know the EU laws changed with regards to the wing mirrors in October 2009 so this may be why. The engine is basically the same as the 1er using a 6 speed auto box with sports functionality. The gear box was laggy and just didnt put the grunt of the diesel down well. The steering was very heavy from such a small car, as opposed to driving the 535d GT which felt heavenly. Space inside the X1 was nice, plenty of rear space for kids etc and the boot has slighy been re-designed so it appears alot bigger. Being the xDrive it had 4 wheel drive as opposed to the sDrive having 2 wheel drive.

Although i disliked the X1 i think it would suit people who find the X3 a little too big for their needs. It was not as nice as the 120d in my opinion but its a different variation of the car.

Overal i would give the car 6/10.
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