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Worth trying to sell winter wheels and tyres this year?

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Hi all,

Recently sold my 123d, replaced with the fab m135. I've not used my winter tyres this year, worth hanging on till October to sell my 17 inch wheels and tyres, or will I get a respectable price now? It's still wet, cold and horrid out there! Also, where's best to try sell them?

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If they are priced to sell they will sell.
Is there somewhere on this forum to sell them - cannot see the right place? Also, cannot see how to add photos or am I being thick?
Are you able to access the classifieds, you should just about have enough posts (20).

Put them up in the For Sale section, have a read of the do's and dont's first..
I can see the classifieds but cannot post yet. Hey ho.
They are 17 inch runflats from an 08 123d - will take a pic in a bit
Here's the wheels and tyres. No curbing or corrosion, apart from the centre caps that may clean up, may not. There's between 1 and 3 MM until the tread tread limiter. All tyres are Goodyear eagle ultra 205 50 r17 89h gw3

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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