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Which nilfisk?

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Need one today, which one, where from and how much and can I get it today?!!
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B&Q stock Nilfisk....Can't suggest a model in afraid
Argos and Screwfix do nilfisk too.

Not sure on model, I think I need a new PW as my cheapy karcher has given up after 8 years, not sure what to go for.

Was tempted by this one, because of the hose reel, I always seem to get the supply hose, electric cable and lance hose tangled, so this would keep it clear.

1400W should be enough too.

Just keep in mind the lance fitting for karcher and nilfisk are different, so if you have a snow foam lance you'll need to swap the fitting.
The hose reel is a pain in the backside. The hose is quite rigid and the reel being quite high up makes it more of a hassle than it is worth.

I've got a C110 and had it for 5 or 6 years without a single problem and it will draw from a water butt through a filter if you are that way inclined.

My only suggestion would be to get the 8m hose as the standard 1 is too short and requires you to move the unit around a bit when using it. The longer hose allows you to leave it in 1 place and go from there.
I ordered the E140.3 last year, after recomendation from James or Remyroc detailing.

It's so much better than I had before and is generally higher quality.
It did come with the long hose as standard, so no need to move it during use.
It stays well away from the wet area and snow foam etc.
+1 for the C110. Had ours for years and no problems - just recently got the Autobrite Snow Foam lance for it and it works a treat.
Got the one from Argos for 拢99 - will have it running tomorrow and will report back - thanks for all the comments - really helpful
I know this won't help you but it may help someone else who is after a pressure washer. I bought a C110.3 nilfisk for the father in law through Amazon just before Christmas for 拢60. Useful for anyone looking.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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