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Hey guys.

So recently I bought a 2006 130i with 135i hubs, brakes etc. It also came with M3 front suspension and sway bar.

X5 wheels came with the car - the same as these:
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They are 18x8.5, offset I presume is 46, and they have 235's on the front with 245's on the rear. The car is lowered on BC coilovers. The car rubs on the driver side when going over hard bumps etc (not very aggressive, but annoying and noisy) so I would like to go to a slightly less aggressive wheel.

Would the normal 130i wheels slot on ok even with the 135i hubs and brakes?

Thanks in advance

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Those wheels aren't from an X5, they're from an E60 5 Series?

I suspect 1er wheels would still fit, BMW normally allow half an inch clearance for snow chains.

X5 wheels (if that's what they are) are horribly heavy, fitting a lighter set will make the car more nimble & responsive, with better road holding. :)
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