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rusty13 said:
I use a USB3.0 flash drive in mine but I suspect the car is 2.0. Not going to need the speed difference reading music...
can confirm that, he probably has a usb flash drive or is picking one up for a song thats USB 3.0, on another not dealer gave me a loaner until mine is sorted out (reg applied) although I did have a look around my own car, but as DVLA lazy have not applied the reg i am stuck with loaner until they do :( have tested a couple of mechanical and SSD's USB 3.0 enclosures 2.5 hdd's some work fine, some work fine some dont, they will work at first but if you stop playing it for any reason it will not load up again and you have to unplug and re plug back in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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