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Tyre pressure monitor issue.

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I’m having an issue with tyre sensor error popping up, it’s the error that says tpms failure, unable to detect any loss of tyre pressure, check tyre pressure manually”, all tyres seemed fine, I did a tpms reset and all tyres on the screen view of vehicle, turned green, the error came back a few times, and I then took it to Kwik-fit who checked the sensors and said all were ok, batteries all also ok, one tyre was a bit low 26psi, they inflated it and all tyres to 32psi, I reset the tpms and all tyres turned green and confirm the 32 psi, however the error still appears, what’s funny is that in some cases the error comes on the dash and then disappears on its own, also I’ve noticed that the error will pop up in specific places e.g as I enter a road just before my work, there are no big bumps or sudden stops there, just normal road, on some days it can give this error three times and some days just the once. So the big question is, does anybody know what’s causing this, I’m assuming it’s a faulty tpms unit, however if that were the case, the error would be erratic and pop up at different times in different locations, which it does, however at least 40% of the time it will go off as I get onto the road to work, and it’s a 1hr drive to my work, so not sure it’s possibly an antenna issue? If their is such a thing, any feedback is welcome. 👍
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Also wanted to ask if everybody is running 32psi (and not getting tpms errors) or are people running higher eg 35? Thanks in advance 👍
So after reading the various chats on the forum, I’m assuming my tpms antenna is faulty, I’ve seen some pics of the unit on here and the location in rear trim, had a look there and I’m assuming this item is the antenna, the one with red clip, as the number on the item indicates it’s an antenna, however the ones I’ve seen looked long and rectangular, can anybody confirm this is correct? Part no EA9231442 02
Thanks in advance


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Latest update, that is not the part, on my cab it’s under the back board where the back speakers sit, this was as per bmw, I’ve stripped all back and located the module, ordered a new one from bmw £57. I’ll do a quick write up on this as a new thread called “found the tyre sensor module (RDC)”, for anybody wanting to diy it.
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