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Hello all, New to the forum.. Trying to get a quote to order a m135i..

Anyone got TRL (tony lewis) contact details, email, direct number? Rang his work loads wanting to speak with him last couple days and no return calls!?

Cant search his name on this forum as its less than 4 letters long.. And cant see the thread on the deals.

Nightmare.. All i want to do it order a m135i :eek2: !!

Can anyone help, thanks in advance
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Email: [email protected]

He's a busy boy though! Try him tomorrow as he doesn't usually work Fridays.
Thanks mate, will email him now.
Hi Piers,

Yes stick with Tony he's a very helpful guy, just order my M135i from him with March delivery :)

Definitely best to email him, he works crazy hours, during the deal he called me at 9pm and was evening sending me emails after midnight!

Top guy and certainly dedicated.

Agree with all the above. I've just ordered a new F20 120d from Tony and was emailing up to around 10 o'clock at night and the deal was done. He beat my local dealer by a fair old chunk as well.
+1. He's got me and my mates unbeatable deals and it was always pain free. Zero BS.

+2. Dealt with Tony over the last couple of weeks for a 235i and he truly is a gentleman. I didn't complete with Tony but right from the get go he did say if the deal was good enough he would endorse it and save me a journey, which he duly did. He is one of the good guys.
He also beat the quote that I settled with the other dealer... silly me!
Try the email address given above. He replies at silly times, often after midnight so just stick with it and know that he will get back to you.
TRL is certainly your man if you want a good deal!

If you can't get hold of him on the phone ask for Caroline. She is extremely helpful and may be able to start processing your request
Cheers guys, i got a response earlier on, and he's working on my quote as we speak. Fingers crossed it will be on order tomorrow, cant wait!!

Just hope the waiting list for it to be built & delivered isnt too long.. For people who have bought theirs new, how long did you wait?

Cheers, Piers.
Well I literally ordered mine at the end of last week and looks like I'm on target for first week of March. I know Tony said that March delivery slots were running low.
I just ordered my car from Tony yesterday and he reckons me it will turn up beginning of 2nd week of March, brilliant. :spotman:

First time I've dealt with the guy, he does seem really busy but diligent, really straight forward to deal with. Gets :thumbs: from me.
I wonder how many cars he has supplied to forum members?

I echo everything which has been said above, great guy to deal with and a petrolhead too.
OP, try Mo at park lane,

[email protected]
External; 020 7495 9520

Mo used to work with TRL @ Berrys Heathrow. I bought my first car through them but they have both since moved on.
Mo has done a good deal for me on another car that TRL couldn't do.
Thanks everyone for your replies!

I have a M135i on order!! I went for the superman colour combo with sports auto & 5 door.

Cant wait, buzzing!
Guessing that's Piers from Carlisle??

If so congratulations on the new car mate! :)
Yes mate, cheers! How you finding the M3 in comparison?
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