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Hi All.

In the interests of making the forum run a little smoother and simplifying things a little, how about this.

If you want to organise a cruise or meet-up, create a topic in this section like so...

If you are planning a cruise/meeting - ie, no set plans yet, title the thread something like: "Proposed: Meeting/Cruise on xxx at yyyy"

Once the final details have been worked out, create a new topic entitled something like : "Meeting/Cruise: On xxx at yyyy"

This way everyone is clearly informed of the dates, place etc. and there is no confusion. If you want - also create small post in the "1 Series General Discussion" section of the forum to make others aware of the meeting/cruise.

If you can let one of the moderators know by PM (it might be best to send it to more than one - in case one of us is away etc.) and we can ensure that any pointer topics and planning topics are locked - so people are directed to the correct thread.

Also have read of the guide by spokey on how to run/organise a cruise for some useful tips and pointers.


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