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Thoughts and opinions on 220d M Sport Active Tourer

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Hi Folks,

I've read various reviews including some owners' comments on here, but my wife is considering buying a 220d M Sport Active Tourer and I'm just wondering whether anyone who has owned one for any length of time could comment on what they're like to drive day-to-day and what sorts of problems they've encountered.

She currently drives an X-Drive X1 but it's getting to the stage where we're she's looking to change.

She loves the X1, but second hand (less than a year old X1s) are ridiculously expensive in my view.

She does less than 10,000 miles per year and where we live (worcestershire area), we don't get that much snow, so I'm not sure losing 4-wheel drive will be a major factor.

The performance on the 220d, on paper, looks pretty good (0-60 in around 7.5 seconds), although she's not really a "petrol head" (diesel head?).

some of the approved used Active Tourer's come with a lot of options (sat nav, reversing cameras etc).

She'd be looking for an auto, rather than manual, but from what I can find out, the Tourer has a different 8-speed gearbox, i.e., not the ZF box. is this true and again, if anyone owns an auto, what's the gearbox like.

We may look to book up a test drive for next weekend, but we're interested in canvasing real owners' opinions.

Many thanks in anticipation.
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Without doubt the best all round beemer I have had to date
I had one as a hire car for about a week. Was a 218d and grand tourer. The x20d IMO is the engine to have. I found the car (and I'm sure it'll be the same for the active tourer) to serve the purpose very well.

By no means is it a drivers car and the fwd by Bmw proves that. However, it's clearly been designed to capture a segment of the market and if that segment suits your circumstances, I can honestly say it's a very well built car. I didn't find the driving position particularly comfortable and engaging, but again it serves a purpose.

Don't buy it expecting it to feel like a 220d coupe... It's a different model to the 2-series.

johnboyblue said:
Without doubt the best all round beemer I have had to date
Thanks johnboyblue. That's quite a statement and one I think I'd also apply to the X1. It's been a great "workhorse". It looks like you've got the X-Drive version and I wonder how this compares to the front wheel drive model which is what my wife would be looking at.

Harmlu - Thanks for your comments also. I realise it won't be a driver's car, much like the X1 wasn't either. My wife just needs a reliable 5 door car to get to and from work and to use for weekends away. Like I say, she's not a petrol head like me, so something like this would suit her well I think. Also prices for 8-10 month old cars are around the £25,000 mark which is all we're really looking to spend.

She's also looked at the Mercedes GLA, but the reviews aren't that overwhelming to be honest. They seem a little lacking in power and refinement (the car, not the reviews!!)
We've had our 218d M Sport Active Tourer now for almost 15 months and after having the 1 series coupe (MY13) found the interior to be much more spacious, my wife uses the car as a daily driver and although manual she loves it, from my point of view we bought it amongst other things to get us from A - B in the most comfortable and economical manner. Despite my generally driving it as hard as I can we're still achieving a better mpg than the 1 series even though the engine is the same size obvious difference being front as opposed to rear wheel drive, as many people have commented in general most drivers wouldn't have a clue about the advantages or disadvantages between front and rear drive.

I've considered the new X-1 but when I checked the dimensions the Active Tourer beats all of them and if the previous model is similar you'll soon see the difference in overall comfort, my only major complaint is the small window behind the A - Post, this does take some getting used to especially when turning.

dorsetred :cool2:
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We had a new shape B class merc when they were first launched and it was an awesome car in 200 amg line guise and we've looked at getting another but she's decided to get another A class.

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Thanks to everyone for providing some useful insights into the car.

I'm going to book up a test drive for my wife for this coming saturday.

Another question - Does this use a different diesel engine to the N47 version or is it the same?

Many Thanks
I think it has the new B47 engine.
scrounger said:
I think it has the new B47 engine.
You are totally correct in that our 218d has the following listed under the VIN details: Engine B47C20U0 - 2,00l (110kW)

dorsetred :cool2:
Thank you for confirming that.

Not that my wife has had any timing chain related issues with her car!
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