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The DSC unit failure!!

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Hi Chaps, I'm new to this forum, actually pretty new to forums in general actually so please forgive me if I break any etiquette or anything, please feel free to educate me!
I bought a mint condition 2008 135i last year with only 28k on the clock and have done a few mods since, Birds chassis upgrades, forge intercooler, Evolve remap. Love the car, but, after only a few months I have the ABS, TC lights etc illuminating. I already know that the DSC unit has failed and I already know where to have it reconditioned instead of buying a new one at 2K or having Birds do the work for 1K.
So my question is before I take on the job myself is there any advice/helpful guide/instructions, or a thread already with all the info I would ever need someone can help me with/point me towards.
Cheers guys and looking forward to being a regular on here.
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Hello and welcome.

This might help, if it's the same/similar type:
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They can normally repair most units and if your handy on the tools it's an easy job to fit

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Thanks marco_polo, that's exactly the sort of thing I was after, just to have a read through. I think that write up is a different model, not too sure, but still helpful.

Rob, thanks for confirming that the job is an easy one as I thought. Birds wanted over £500 just for the labour + £500 for the recon unit, so decent saving there!

Omg £500 labour Jesus!!!!

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BikerMatt said:
Thanks marco_polo, that's exactly the sort of thing I was after, just to have a read through. I think that write up is a different model, not too sure, but still helpful.

The job is identical on 99% of cars it just depends weather you can get a replacement or repair done

BMWs I find don't need special tools to bleed the brakes although bmw will say different

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Thanks again Rob, great info.
Glad I asked, and saved nearly enough cash for some new wheels!
Just an update. I removed the DSC unit today. It's an absolute piece of p*ss and anyone thinking of paying someone silly money to do it don't bother just do it yourself in 30 minutes and save yourself hundreds of pounds.
I do have one question that if the guys that have already helped wouldn't mind helping a little more. I am a complete beginner when it comes to plugging cars into laptops and that sort of thing, when I used to tune cars it was before cars were totally reliant on this stuff.
Would anyone just be able to give me an idiots guide because I'm aware I have to plug the car in to clear the current fault code generated by the DSC failure. I'm not interested in going mad into the coding, I just would like to know how to go about getting plugged in, what cable do I need, which software, and what to expect/what to do first, how to diagnose faults and clear codes etc.
Thanks already chaps.
Unfortunately I have specialist scanners to erase codes and I have carly app and dongle so never got my head around external pc software

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I would expect a DSC code to clear itself almost instantly? Shouldn't need a laptop or anything?
I was going to say the same Marco

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I'll just re-install the unit & bleed the brakes then & I'll report what happens. Out of interest Rob what device do you use?
I'm in the trade mate I have loads of them 3 snap on devices plus 3 laptop based

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I have a 135i as well, 59 plate, do all 3 of these lights show on yours BikerMatt as they have just come up on mine?

Yep that's exactly what mine does. Do you have the warning on the Idrive screen to?
Don't panic if it is the DSC unit, it's seems like it's not much of a problem. My unit is with atm and they seems to be giving a good service. Taking the unit out is really easy. Basically don't go paying anyone serious money to fix it for you!
Just realised pretty much same mileage as mine aswell!
I don't have idrive on mine so just the dash, been trying to source DIS v57 and a cable and run diagnostics on it, hopefully it will be just an abs sensor but if not and it's the dsc unit good to know it won't be costing silly money.
Thanks for the help so far on this guys. I have just got round to putting the DSC unit back into the car. Hoses & harness re-fitted, haven't bled the brakes yet as I've just run out of day light. I did quickly turn the car on to see if indeed the faults had cleared but all faults are still there. Are you 100% that they should clear if all is ok? I'll bleed the brakes Tomorrow anyway but I'm just concerned about the fact you guys seemed pretty certain that the faults should auto clear!
BTW I'm only getting 'DBC failure' on the faults display, not 'DSC failure'. Tbh I can't remember if it actually displayed DSC failure in the first place. If it's just saying DBC failure could this just be because there's far less brake fluid in the system than there should be?
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