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Evening guys and girls. I've got a set of Eibach springs to go on (30mm) to my 135i Msport. I'm looking at fitting some spacers too however much I'm not keen on the idea of them. What ones you guys recommend, ideally I would like to retain the original wheel bolts and locking wheel bolts.
Next question I would like a fast road set up, I plan to remove the front camber pins. What camber and toe settings are you guys using.

Many thanks

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In reality you can't safely keep your wheel bolts with spacers. Burger motorsports and Rogue Engineering are known to make reasonable spacers with longer bolts. Macht Schnell too.

Removing the camber pins only gives you a small amount of adjustment / extra neg camber, just max it at the front. Rear settings should basically be stock per Hunter guidelines.
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