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Stop to discounted to OEM parts??

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Anyone tried buying parts from Bmminiparts recently? I sent a couple of 'price finder' queries last week and didn't receive any information. This morning I saw that they had suspended the service and you can only buy parts that they have in stock. I sent the sales team a quick email to see what was happening and how I could buy their OEM parts….I got this reply:

At the moment we are unable to service the price finder. BMW have a new Part Director from Audi and he has put a stop to all of this. We have emails everyday just like yours and all I can do is forward your details to my supplier who might offer a discount.

I've used Bmminiparts for a lot of my parts for servicing, they can be anything up to 50% cheaper than the stealers. Looks like there is a potential for BMW ownership to be a whole lot more expensive if you want to service with new OEM parts.

Are there any other suppliers like Bmminiparts that people use? Maybe buying new from Germany may be the best way to go now?
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Sonic1506 said:
Cotswoldbmwmini is another alternative.
Thanks Sonic, I've used them a couple of times before and they've been good. I'll send them a PM
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