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Hi, my girlfriend has a e87 116i 1.6 2007. its driving me up the wall. basically it doesn't start cleanly when its cold and it will not start at all when its hot. it cranks but wont fire.
there are no codes that im getting.

the fuel pressure when it wont start reads at around 4k and when it starts its at 10k (im sure those numbers are not too helpful just trying to describe what's happening)
no matter how much you prime the fuel pump before starting the pressure only rises by 10 every few seconds so very slowly. and once its back up to nearly 10k it starts.

when i unplug the fuel pressure sensor the car fires up but it stinks of fuel (i assume its over fueling to compensate)

sometimes when it fires its running like a bag of spanners and has no throttle at all no mater how you press the pedal you get no response. and in that scenario it either cuts out or randomly fires into life.
im just hoping someone has had this same issue before i go down the rabat hole and spend money chasing the issue.
again all this and its not throwing any codes or dash warnings.
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