Model:1 Series
Mileage:87000 M
Engine:2.0 Diesel N47
Trim:120d M Sport
Unfortunately my timing chain let go on the motorway the other week, so I'm looking to offload my E81.

2010 120d E81 M-Sport in Le Mans Blue
Xenon headlights and LED tail lights
Tinted rear glass
Extended lighting pack
M208 18" Alloys
Standard M-Sport interior - half "leather" seats, black headlining, silver trim.

I only had it a year, and in that time it had (in no particular order):
Rear ABS rings done
New brake vacuum sensor (3/12/21 @ 70,395 miles)
New clutch (28/02/22 @ 74,364 miles)
New crankshaft front damper pulley (2/11/21 @ 69,920 miles)
passenger seat occupancy sensor replaced
New battery -Varta AGM 80Ah (21/11/21 @ 70,080 miles)
engine oil (Castrol Edge) and all the filters (air, oil, fuel and cabin) at 80k miles (previous service at around 69,500).

Bad points:
The timing chain snapped while doing 80 mph and THE CAR WILL NOT START AND CANNOT BE DRIVEN
Front bumper is probably not original, and the end mountings are damaged where it meets the wing, but it can still be secured. The bumpers were recently painted to cover some scuffs and the lacquer finish isn't great.
The rear diffuser needs painting. It had previously been painted gloss black and when primed for a repaint when the main part of the bumper was done the paint reacted and had to be scraped off.
The drivers seat is just about split where they all go.
Alloys were kerb magnets and would probably want refurbished.
The nearside headlight has a mark in it at the edge, but it does not effect operation or light output.

I'm really hoping to get £1000 for it to someone who appreciates the good bits and wants to repair it or sell the parts. Just the clutch and the crankshaft pulley cost me that in repairs.