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Sorry but another battery question

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I know there will be multiple threads on which battery to use but could someone recommend what size battery I should replace my 80ah 800amp one with, should I go up to a 90ah?
Cheers Gary.
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Easiest option is to replace like for like. More powerful batteries will be physically bigger which could cause fitting issues Ive been told. So something to check first. Why do you want to upgrade its power ?
I know they go up in size the more powerful they get but was wondering if someone has gone up to a 90ah battery with no fitting issues. The reasoning for getting a more powerful battery is I suspect for cost BMW designed and fitted the cheapest battery they could get away with.
Most batteries listed for the same vehicle use the same plastic box, the contents vary in quality and hence, weight and price. You'll see, for example, Bosch, list 2 batteries for the 118d, one is 80ah, the other 85ah, but they have the same dimensions. The higher powered unit is guaranteed for an extra year (5).

I have found this one that looks good but seems cheap but does have a 4 or 5 year guarantee based on which bit of text you look at.
And it's the OEM one for your car.
And I can fit it and code it for you.
Be there in 5 hours.
Not!, which one did you replace yours with?
A while back I was recommended this but haven't bitten the bullet yet so can't vouch for it personally.
That's not a bad price from a known battery manufacturer, thanks.
gsal said:
That's not a bad price from a known battery manufacturer, thanks.
Yes, that was my thought too.

I don't know if Hankook make their own or just rebadge someone elses.
A larger capacity battery complicates things. You would need to do battery registration and also recoding for the new capacity.
That's ok I have the carly app
It doesnt matter what you get just make sure its as big as or better than the original you code it and it's agm.

I've got a new bosch s6 agm 096 which is 70ah and 760cca.

It's the biggest you can get in the smallet size, but I'd probably go for more CCA if I was to buy again, it's still a touch sluggish in the cold weather.

The next one up is the bosch s6 110, think this was linked to earlier in the thread (or the excide one). Either will be fine, the 110 would start a tank.
The 90ah battery is 35cm and the securing hole to the right of the battery is 36cm so I doubt I could get the battery in and secure it with original retainer. I could bodge it but think I will stick with the 32cm 80ah 800c one as it doesn't get that cold down here anyway.
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