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On the 535i I bought, the key for the locking wheel centers on the Alpina wheels was missing...
Phoned my local dealer and asked could you get a new key.
He passed the details on to BMW UK, who told them that you'd have to drill the locks and that new centers weren't available. So, in effect you'd have to buy new wheels.
He was understandably not too happy to tell me that as he thought that was ridiculous, and wrong.

I then called Sytners (aka Alpina UK) who were able to give me the part numbers for a new lock and key set (and for new centers).

Called the dealer back, he was able to order them no problem.

This isn't a dealer problem, but, a BMW UK one.
The dealer went the extra mile, but was let down by BMW themselves. I know that Alpina is a third party, but, the wheels are sold through dealers, so surely BMW have this info? And it's bought to be reasonably common.
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