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Those of you who have been reading this forum for a while may remember a post by myself about the problems i had with my 118d regarding the run flat indicator AND traction control indicator warning lights lighting up whilst driving.

Some time ago, the car went to Eastern BMW Edinburgh to have this problem rectified. the car ended up being at eastern for 3 days, in which time, the car was reprogrammed, supposedly sorting out the problem. When i collected the car, i parked it at work for the remainder of the day, and when i went out at night, the car failed to start, with the traction control warning light constantly lit.

I ended up having to call BMW assist, who very promptly sent an engineer out, who connected the car to his computer, and came to the conclusion that the car would have to be towed to the nearest dealer, which is Menzies, Stirling. While organising this, and a hire car, courtesy of Bmw, we gave the car another go, and it started, so the engineer decided the best thing was if he followed me through to Stirling, and let them take a look.

Menzies had the car for a further 3 days, while it was reprogrammed again :| and to menzies' credit the car was returned washed and dusted. ( something which Eastern failed to do)

This fault has cropped up again on around three other occasions since then, but as the boss insists on using Eastern, i have let it go until the car was due a service. That time has come, so today, i phoned Eastern to book the car in.

It took three attempts to be put through to the service dept, and when i did get through, the guy on the other end of the line couldn't have sounded any less interested in what i had to say if he tried. (here we go again)

I also asked for a courtesy car, to be told, no problems, but it will cost me £10 + vat, per day. Surely this is then a hire car, not a courtesy car.

If you're not all bored to tears with this post, i will keep you informed.
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