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Sad to see the old Girl go!

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Well after Two and half year's in a M135i the old girl had to go to pastures new :( She could get a nice little riddle on and turn a few heads when
in the mood, :) But she liked nothing better on a hot day than some 99 and the rubber sticky and a good Razz! :p :wink:
Missing her already :(
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Replaced with....
Where's she gone, traded sold private. My guess is px especially at this time of year..
Yeah come on. What have you got now then?
AdamC said:
Yeah come on. What have you got now then?
feel free to post more photos of your whip in the m135i photo section.

not that its in any way similar to the one I'm awaiting..... :spotman:

edit: actually just clicked on your photo in your signature. Many photos to fap to :bigsmile:
marco_polo said:
Replaced with....
Don't laugh! a E Class merc est, I need the space :)
Forgot to say, I have a spare set of track wheels with tyres.
Power coated black E46 M3 front wheels 8"wide with 245/18 tyres all round.
I'll post them up on for sale in the next couple of weeks.
Where would they need collecting from? How much? And what tyres are they? I know they aren't up for sale yet but depending where you are I might snap them up!
Manchester Keith, They have Khumos V70 tyres on with about 2mm tread on, Good for a couple of T\D's

looking at around £400
Ahh a bit far for me to go then :( really good price though!
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