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Having checked the sticky thread am hoping you haven't already had this question too many times

Purchased an F20 120d three weeks ago. I totally underestimated how much I would dislike the runflats... they have to go - not least because I have noticed uneven wear on the NSF so the allignment obviously needs doing.

I have read up but still dithering :rollseyes:

Car is currently on these (don't get me started on the peeling!) with GDYR NCT5As on front and GDYR Excellence on back.

First question - bearing in mind I can't fit my preferred Tyre - Toyo T1rs as they stopped making them in 245 width - so it will either be Toyo T1 sports or MPS3s... I take it I am simply ordering exactly the same width, profile and speed rating as if they were runflat? Or should I be increasing the profile?

Second question - has any one in the past made any suspension tweeks after moving from RFTs to 'normal' tyres? Or are we really talking sweet FA difference in handling other than improvement?

Many thanks Vicky :D
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Same sizes, but I'd increase the load index to 92. They're probably down in the 80's currently? 85-88?
Ok cheers for that - IIRC the fronts are currently 85 and the rears are 87... although I should possibly get dressed and go look :rollseyes: it is bloody freezing outside :(
so after much umming and ahing have ordered up some Toyo T1 sports from Blackcircles - nobody could come near their prices on these at the moment and I used to love the T1rs on my 350z so I trust the brand and they have good reviews so fingers xd :)
I even had one local garage (who I really wanted to use because he is the only one within 30 miles who has a Hunter machine) refuse to fit non run flat tyres telling me my wheels were designed for runflats and that he would need to seek advice as to where he stood legally :eek2: :lol2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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