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Recently signed up? You need to build some reputation first.
Access to the Classifieds will be automatically granted once you've been here a while and made a few posts. As stated in our Community Rules, this refers to constructive posts, and not 'spam' posts that are made purely with the intent of meeting the requirement. Most people will gain access within their first week or two of membership.

Alternatively, purchasing a premium membership will grant you immediate access to our Classifieds, in addition to the other benefits it provides. Remember that our Classifieds are for selling your own personal property only – if you are operating as a business, you will need to sign up as a Vendor instead.

Returning member? You must have posted at least once since May 2022.
If you are an established member who previously had access, but have not made at least one post since the site migration in May 2022, the site will not register that you have met the above requirement. After making just one post anywhere on the forum, you will regain access to the Classifieds.

You must post in the correct sub-forum for your item.
The parent "For Sale" section is not open for posting by anyone – please use one of the specific sub-forums instead (see below). This helps us keep the Classifieds organised, making it easier for people to find what they're after.

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If you are having difficulties with posting in the For Sale section, please feel free to either message a member of staff or create a thread in the Site Help and Suggestions section.

Best wishes,
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Not open for further replies.