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February 20th 2005


Spokey - Z1 or 635
dario - Z4
Giles - M3 CSL
CTB - Z3
kazvet - Z3
roaders - 120d
sjl - Z4
Alfie - Z3

It was this dirty when we started, honest!

Oo-ar, them's one of them new One Series...

Three decades of BMW noses

April 30th 2005

The route:


The motorway was quite clear and I was comfortably early, so I stopped off at the services just after junction 38 on the M6 Northbound. There was some nice scenery nearby so I took a couple of shots.

I finally arrived at the Morrisons car-park at Penrith at about 10:10am. Entering the busy car-park, wondering how I was going to locate them all I then spotted a cluster of 1-Series's with few people stood around. They all looked in my direction and began waving. I thought, "That'll be them then.. that was easy!" I was rather lucky, as soon as turned onto the strip approaching them, a kind person in a Vauxhall Cavalier decided to leave his spot and allow me to park fairly close to them.

We all met up and made introductions while we awaited everyone else to arrive, which they did within a short space of time. Very good timing on everyones' behalf. :)

I didn't get any photographs of the car-park as it was rather busy. However I believe that Amigo got a rather good group shot of the us (actual people! not cars!)

When all 7 of us had arrived we all got a pleasant surprise off Keith - Keyrings!

Unfortunately Amigo couldn't join us on the cruise, so we made our farewells and after having a quick chat about what we were going to be doing the remaining 6 of us headed off.. and promptly stopped again! As we were only 5..we'd lost someone after 1 roundabout.. so we pulled into a nearby area and waiting on our missing companion.

It appears some jealous people had trapped Roaders in the Morrisons car-park and wouldn't let him out :lol: Finally after a few minutes he caught up to us and we started off again.

Ikki led us along a VERY interesting route, lots of twisty bits, winding bends, hills, dips and switch-backs that kept us on our toes. Halfway along the route we stopped off a nice cafe for some photos and drinks (and a couple of us filled our faces with some very nice cakes!)

After refreshments, a quick photo shoot and another good chat (along with bemusing a few bikers and cyclists, and a Mountain Rescue Paramedic) we headed onwards..

This stretch was still twisty with a couple of switchbacks, but much faster than the first half. However a couple of cars got in the way and we and to overtake them (shame they couldn't keep up on the corners ;) )

Finally we all arrived at our destination (Corbridge - which funnily enough has a bridge through the centre) just in time for lunch, where we swapped a few stories over lunch and more drinks (generally about Golf's trying to keep ahead of us on the twisty bits, and failing miserably).

Then after a nice chat we headed back to the car park and headed off on our seperate ways.

Slide show of Ikki's photos:

5th November 2005
(Lakes Cruise)


The cruise starts off (inevitably) in a car park in Ambleside. it then progresses through Great Langdale, up the hairpins at the far end and through the next valley to meet the Wrynose pass road.

The route then goes over the Wrynose and Hardknott passes, past Hardknott Roman fort and the Ravenglass and Eskdale steam railway, finishing near the coast. There is a nice pub at the end of the pass route where we will stop for a bite to eat.

after this break participants have the choice go their own way or to continue on to Hawkshead where there is a fireworks display at 18:30.

If you are coming from afar, you could stay a few days and see the Lakes in more detail.

Ways home are:

South round the coast, past Barrow to the M6.
North around the coast to Carlisle and the M6.
North a little bit, then East past ****ermouth and Keswick to the M6 at Penrith.
Of course, you could also turn around and do the route again. Very Happy

I have done a slide show of the views, apologies for the weather. Smile

The details

We will meet at 10:30AM at the car park opposite the lake in Ambleside where 'Ambleside Lake Tourist Information' is situated (Lat 54.42104 N, Long 2.96260 W). There are toilet facilities, and plenty of space (but it is a Saturday in July). If you are coming from the south, it's best to avoid Windermere as the road into it becomes queued back, but there are quiet back roads to circumvent it.

The first part of the route is about 20 miles long and will take 1 - 2 hours, we will finish at the King George IV Inn at Eskdale Green, where participants can have a meal. The total to Hawkshead is about 44 miles.

8th April 2006
(Easter Cruise)


The cruise will take place in the Forest of Bowland and the Southern Yorkshire Dales, both areas of outstanding natural beauty.

What I can promise you is a loop route of 80 to 100 miles of some of the best driving roads around. The route has fast sweeping bends, tight hairpins, flat roads (not many :D) steep inclines, a mountain (almost) pass, precipitous drops. On top of all that there is stunning scenery at all times, many points of interest, picturesque towns and villages.

If you have never been to this part of the world, look upon it as a one day guided tour of the area. There is easy access to the M6 for the west / North / South and the A65 / A59 to Yorkshire and the East from the start/finish point.

For info on the two areas click on the links below:

3rd December 2006
(Winter Cruise)

The route is in the Scottish Borders as promised and is in itself about 64 miles long (including a necessary but boring 14 mile stretch in the middle). It is easily accessable from North and South by some great roads in themselves.


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