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This is the monthly photo competition

Each month a new thread will be created by the moderators (i.e November Photo Comp)

In this thread photos can be posted during the allocated period.
A poll will occur at the end of the month for a week containing all those who entered

Rules will be:
- Entries must be pictures of owners 1 series (their own or another members from a meet)
- Entries must be taken by the member posting the picture
- Only one entry per member each month
- Once the entry is posted, it is not allowed to be changed
- Entries can be submitted during the first three weeks of the month
- The last week a poll will be set containing all the members who have posted.
- The photo entered into the competition does not actually have to be taken during that month. It can be a day old, a month old or even a year old photo

Moderators have the rights to delete any discussion threads.
Please post your pic only and any information regarding the location, camera used etc
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