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Peculiar electrical problem, 08 E81

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So I bought the car about a month ago now, I knew the drivers side wing mirror didn't work, however no biggie as I got it for a good festive price.
Today I thought I would attempt to fix the problem, or at least try and determine what it was. I removed the casing on the inside of the car only to find the wire to be unplugged completely and poked down. (only assume the previous owner did this)

However, when I plugged the cable back into the wing mirror and turned the ignition on none of the windows or wing mirrors then worked, only some noise from the broken mirror that sounded like a not so happy motor inside. When i unplugged the mirror and waited about 30 seconds the windows and far side mirror came back to life.

Unfortunately, i ran out of light today to be taking the outer casing off, but was thinking it could be due to a bad wire or motor causing too much power to be drawn? Just curious to know if anyone else has had similar issues?
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I'm probably being a bit thick, but "casing on the inside of the car"? You havent tried to plug the tweeter wiring into the wing mirror, have you? I thoughht you had to take the door card off to get at the mirror wiring. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along in a minute :)
If and when you strip it down again please post some pics.
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