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Passenger window opening by itself?

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Had an odd one this morning...

I've got a 4 week old 120d. Last night I parked up on my drive at about 10pm and locked up as usual, went in to the house and thought no more about it. When I got into it this morning the front passenger window was fully open. It took me a few seconds to work it out - the cabin was cold and it wasn't until I put my hand through the gap that I realised the window wasn't there. I didn't see any broken glass so hit the switch and up it came, where it has remained all day. I am convinced that it was fully up last night, not least by the lack of roaring wind noise and chilling draft that should have been present if I had been driving with it down.

Has anybody had anything like this happen?

This evening I tested opening the window without the key in the dash, thinking I might have caught the switch on my way out of the car last night, but nothing happened.

Then I checked for the spare key, which was where I keep it, buried under a pile of unnoteworthy tat where it would be really hard to find. I thought maybe something had pushed the open button all night, but the doors were locked and the other three windows were up.

Am I going nuts or can this happen?
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It may have been the easy-access function. If you press the open key 3 times it half opens the windows.

Not sure why it was the full way down though. And it also usually only does it when you actually open the door.

Not sure!
Sounds odd! if the button was pressed on the fob for a few seconds by accident then both/all windows would be down! Even the easy access function will drop the window but not all the way and if you close the door (which you clearly did) it goes back up again!

Trip to the dealer i reckon!
No aj this happens all the time with mine. I've posted several times and i've got used to it now. Apparently according to my Stealer it needs re-flashing and it'll be done when i next have it serviced. I tried figuring it out for ages but i've just put it down to software gremlins.
Thanks guys. If it happens again I'll take it back to the stealer. The thing that worries me the most is having the radio (or car) nicked and rain trashing the leather (my garage isn't big enough to hold the car - it gets used to hold all kinds of crap we don't want floating around the house).
I'm lucky in that there is no crime up here so when my windows are open all night its okay. One night my drivers side window somehow managed to lower itself and when i got in it in the morning my cat was asleep in the back. :)
I have a BMW 1 Series 118d, registered Sept '07.
I have returned to my car 5 times now and found that all the windows and the sunroof are open and the car is unlocked despite previously locking the car with the roof and windows closed and the alarm activated.
As a result, my car has been badly saturated by rain twice. I guess i am fortunate bearing in mind i live in central London, that the car has not been vandalized whilst it has been left insecure.
The dealership up until now have been unhelpful and have said that they have not experienced this problem before so i contacted an alternative dealership who advised me that they had been faced with this issue before. He advised that this had happened probably due to the fact i had put the fob in my pocket or in a bag where the buttons accidentally where pushed. I explained that this was not the case as each time this has occurred i have been at home and i automatically put the keys on a shelf when i enter the house.
My leasing company are now supporting me and as a result the car was picked up yesterday so i shall update you on the dealerships response later in the week. This is not the only problem i have had with the car.
The first time i drove the car, the clutch burnt out after driving only 5 miles. For details, see my other message.
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I was just looking for an update of what happened with your car?

I locked my car last night, went to a meeting this morning by taxi, passed the car on the way out and it was all ok. I returned from my meeting to the two front windows open and the car unlocked. Needless to say it was pouring with rain! I phoned the garage and they accept no responsibility, I explained that exactly the same as you, the key was left on a shelf at home.

As like you this is just a number of problems that I have had with the car and I'm now at my wits end with it.

I would really appreciate you letting me know what happened.

Maybe get the comfort access disabled and see if that stops it happening? :?
Hi there,
BMW UK told me that there is a 'Comfort' function on the fob that opens all the windows and sunroof if you press and hold the buttons on it! BMW UK have told me that it isn't possible to disable it and that they are unable to re programme the fob!

I have been advised to ensure that i should take care not to put my fob facedown or in my bag or pocket. Like you, i leave my keys on a shelf when i'm not using the car. If BMW's theory is correct the only possibility is that i have pressed all the buttons on it accidently from the time of leaving my car to putting them down inside the house.

I can't see why BMW consider it worthwhile to add this 'comfort' function. I also don't understand why they can't disable it.

The other problem i have had is with the clutch burning out. I am now on my 3rd clutch and the car was only registered in September :?
3rd clutch since September!!! :eek2:

I think I would be demanding a replacement vehicle. Not fit for purpose would be my first argument. Don't let them push you over, there is clearly a serious fault there.
Thank you for getting back to me.

I have been told to call mondial, which is BMW emergency assist, they should be here in the next hour, so will get them to disable the 'comfort' function. (just for future reference, apparently they will come and collect your car and leave a courtesy car, if there is a problem with the car).

I can't believe you are on your third clutch.

My car is a September 05, since owning it has had a new fan wheel, which was shattered, a whole new dashboard as the instrument kit failed and now this.

Don't think I will be purchasing another BMW!

Good luck with your car and thanks again for getting back to me.
I was lent a 116i 3 door the other day while the Z4 was in getting the oil changed. Several times I came back to the car / looked out to see the driver side window half down...
Good Luck!
As i said, I have been told they can't disable the 'comfort' feature. Please let me know if you are told any different and in fact they do disable it?

As for the clutch, I know i'm not the only owner to have experienced this. My case was escalated to BMW UK and they have assured me that this problem should now be resolved. Fortunately i have support from my leasing company in dealing with this now so any further problems, then i am sure they will demand this car is replaced. I certainly shall.
As i think i've said somewhere else i think its to do with moisture. And i don't see how we could do anything about that. :cry:
Sounds like a problem, but it hasnt happened to me, fingers crossed it wont.
As for accidently hitting the button on the way into the house, it is impossible for it to happen to me.
Just because as im walking into the house i tend to twirl the key chain on my finger while whistling.
it might be worth noting that even if you do sit on the keys, lower all the windows and unlock the car, it should re-lock automatically unless you open a door within (I think) 30 seconds. This is part of the Thatcham 1 alarm system fitted to UK cars - not sure about the rest of the world though.

If your car is EVER unlocked it should only be because you forgot to lock it. It doesn't sound like this the case though.

MY guess? the alarm system is playing up somewhere and interacting with the 'comfort' element as only UK owners seem to be reporting this problem...
I have come back to the car 3 times now to find the passenger window wide open. Each time has been when I haven't been carrying passengers and the windows have been shut when I left the car.

Last twice were in the rain so car got soaked :evil:

As far as I know the alarm has never gone off which is also a bit odd.
I too have found my car (05 120dSE) with all the windows down and the doors unlocked three times. Each time it has been very windy and wet. The first time the car interior got soaked. I now have a car port that protected the car thelast two times but I am worried it could happen anywhere-not to mention the security concern. I first though I must have had something resting on the keys but the second two times I am sure the button could not have been pressed. Not sure whether the high wind could have caused the car to think it had been in a crash and caused it to open the doors and windows.

The comfort feature is pointless and key design is poor as the buttons too prominant. I thought the the Germans were supposed to be good at ergonomics?! May try the Stealer tomorrow but not optimistic.
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