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Paint Code

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Anyone know the paint code for the original 436m alloys? Search is not being my best friend this morning!!
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Is it WB55 B55 (Ferric Grey II)? I have a Sept 2015 m235i...
It is. :) B55
Wish I had thought to ask before I went to get a wheel refurbished as they did first ferric grey and it was almost brown. They re done it after much better now.

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Thanks Marco. I am having a wheel disaster lol. Got a nail through a winter so ordered a replacement - tyre fitter caught the rim. Was very good about it and promised to fix it, but sadly the wheel came back completely the wrong shade!

Anyway I got a £75 quote from BMW so he has just paid me cash to get it done there and apologised a lot. He was very decent about the whole thing to be honest. At least there is no snow forecast for the foreseeable future - I prefer the feeling of the car on the summers anyway!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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