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Paint cleaner / polish

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My 56 reg 1 series needs a good clean up, it has a few light scratches, swirls etc. It's Sydney Blue and seems to 'show' marks more than other colours i've had.

I have spent years in company cars, laterly where they were not my choice and have got out of the good house keeping routines. Now this one is bought and paid for by me so I want to look after it.

I have the meguires Deep Crystal System 3 step system and will be giving it a go over the weekend.

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with the using the paint cleaner and then polish and how aggresive they are on the paint, the bottle says the cleaner is non aggresive but other info says it is. + any tips would be good.

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I've used both of these and in my opinion they are not too aggressive! I also used the wax and the durability is quite poor so I would reccommend you use something else, just my opinion of course!

My old black 1 series was full of swirls before I used these and it was in better condition when I sold it that when I picked it up from the dealer!

Try here for all the tips you need on what to use for looking after your 1er!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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