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Need to have my oil thermostat housing gasket replaced soon, is it worthwhile upgrading to the aluminium aftermarket housing to assist in keeping the temps down?
Worthwhile or not?
Mine is a metal one currently, not the previous plastic one.

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Do you track your car?
What did you go for?

M135i LCI 2015/08
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, I had the same concern about bmw stock operating temperature 104掳C water and 118掳C engine oil. My concern is about gaskets and nylon guidelines for timing and pump oil chain. We know very well that almost all gaskets will fail after a certain amount of kilometers or ages on N55.
For "life" increase of all gaskets (Oil filter housing , valve cover, oil pan, and so on) and electric components i set the water temperature to sport cooling on MHD paired with Mosselmann oil TStat.
Now the set temperature are:
Water: 85-90掳C
Oil: 93-103掳C (oem cooling mode 98 to 105掳C )
Ambient Temperature from 10 to 30掳C

Lower the temperature cons are:
-more deposits on intake valve,
-short life span of engine oil, less cleansing properties and more moisture content (no matter for me, I change it every 2000km or 1 year),
-frequently short trips are so bad in this config

I am just a mechanical engineer not a bmw engine designer. Below my engine Picture, with the shiny t- Stat.
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