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Ok, so i'm the first..
Pre-selling was fine, 5 meeting and 2 test-drive before agree on model and price, i took my time to get them better on price :wink: .
They got my 316i touring worldline E36 back at a good price (8000 Eur). I didn't have a lot to deal with them after i bought my 118d because i have nothing to ask, the car is just fine. Just ask for the price of the retrofit of a multi function steering wheel, they ask me 500 eur without the cost of the work, so they keep it.
They paid for the licence plate and administrative paper, and champagne for delivery.
This is my first experience of buying a new car, the others was second-hand, so, i can't compare, but it looks like i'm a real BMW customer and that makes me feel good now.
So, next please ...
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