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Noooo! Curbed wheel.

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I've misjudged a tight manoeuvre, barely touched the curb and now I've an 80mm chewed bit of alloy. It's really not deep, but still makes me cringe.

So, do I leave it and assume it won't be the last? Do I buy one of these repair kits off amazon? Or get it properly repaired. I live in a land of dry- stone walls and uneven curbs so would be gutted to repair it then do it again within a month.

Final question, will any alloy protectors fit, like alloy gators? I don't think here's enough flat rim to fix them to.

Thanks in advance....
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No painted wheel is going to take a curb strike in it's stride, but 436m's are just about the lowest 'quality' wheel ever fitted to a car. The undercoat is thick + brittle, and shatters off in great shards if a kitten brushes it with it's tail.

If there's a chance this could be a regular occurrence, I'd buy some B55 touch-up and learn to DIY. A bit of primer, a light rub down (locally and carefully) with 800 wet and dry, then paint.

Or try a Smart repairer, probably £40?

I'm not keen on Gators personally, it's not pretty if you lose one at high speed, flailing your car to shreds.
Ah I see your point about the gaitor, yep will get some sandpaper and have a go. B55 - thats the correct paint code?
How deep is the damage. Filler required ?
Not sure if fillers required. How do I upload a pic?
I use photo bucket with android, upload the photo to photo bucket, select the photo to upload, click the share with icon below photo, copy to clipboard, then copy image URL and paste it here.
Something like that.
Yeah, that will touch-up quite nicely. Build up the primer & flat it back (do you have a needle file?)
Looks like the tyre may be buggered, that would be my biggest concern.
I wouldn't repair that, tyre looks OK to me
nickb said:
Looks like the tyre may be buggered, that would be my biggest concern.
Well spotted, nick in the tyre wall at the very bottom of the picture?

( Two nicks in the rim protector bar probably don't matter. )
Welcome to the club I have done two of mine... my local body shop I have used for other stuff said £120 for both wheels full respary and looking like new... Dealer wanted £250 smart repair wanted £100...

I wouldn't touch it up unless your good at it...
Yep there's no marks on the tyre, I thought it looked like a gash in the pic but it's just one of those rubber pimples, and a shadow. Will buy a needle file (whatever that is). Just put any primer on?
For what it's worth, I've got alloygators fitted to mine. Have run without problems with both summer and winter tyres on the standard rims...they are a life saver for me, the other half uses them as you would bumpers on a bowling alley! Looking at my gators after a year, I dread to think what my refurb bill would've been like!

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Take the rough edges off first, sand the alloy smooth with wet and dry and then build up with primer leave a couple of hours between coats. When the primer is just higher than the original finish leave it to fully dry and then slightly flat if back. Then do the same with the top coat but cut it back with a compound to get a decent finish.
Oh that's interesting - could you get me a link to which you have , as looking at the m135 wheel, there's no flat edge to stick them to??
I have these:

They don't stick to the edge of the wheel like the cheaper halfords ones, the sort of clip in behind the rim if that makes sense? You can DIY but I paid £100 to have them fully fitted at a local partner garage.

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I've fixed worse using the methods the guy have described. Once done, you'll forget about it. Assuming you got the tools, the touch up paint is about a £10.

Pay for the repair and learn your lesson. 2 years and a set of 405's into ownership and we've only had one issue.
Mrs Dave curbed the 405's within a month of fitting them. We got it repaired and she's not done it since.
I think that once you've embarrassed yourself by pay paying for a repair, you tend not to damage them again.
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