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Noob question alert - Mineral grey paint.. metallic?

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Hello all, i'm looking to dive into the Babybmw club in the very near future.

Until then, please can someone let me know if all mineral grey paint is metallic as standard, or does it have to be specifically mentioned/listed/ opted as metallic paint.

Thanks a lot,
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Alpine white is standard, whereas colour options were usually around 5-600 extra. There are / were no greys other than mineral grey. Mineral White was amongst the options. Alpine white is the usual looking flattish white paint, mineral white looks deeper, slightly off white.
Hello and welcome, James.

Have a look at this:-

The only MG I could spot (B39) is a metallic.
thanks!! yeah i double checked with the dealer and all mineral grey paint its metallic as you suggested.
Would you really want a non metallic grey, it would look like those primer grey Audis. Nasty.
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