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Hi guys thought I'd say hi, I took delivery of my 14 plate alpine white 3 door last Sunday and haven't stopped smiling.

Having come from owning 7 impreza's the last being the most bonkers of all and I loved dearly. I then had to start using it for work and the running cost and the bad day to day road manners meant it wasn't practical

Unfortunately the new sti though still in my eyes the fastest thing point to point sub 30k is no better on the running costs so I looked elsewhere. I decided it had to be petrol as i had already had a e92 330d and found it souless. For the commute auto would be great but not a deal breaker, it had to be 4wd or rwd so that got me looking and after loads of reviews m135i was top so I went to a friend who works at bmw and took his used example out.

I was instantly hooked but the spec was lacking in some creature comforts. I went to Benham in Wolverhampton and 2 weeks later drove away in a alpine and coral red leather with a shed load of spec.

I'll up load some photos of it tomorrow but for know just have a few questions.

Is a lsd really needed I may do 1 or 2 track days a year and apart from the odd weekend or evening blast it will manly be sat on the m69.

Also on track should I look to upgrade anything I.e pads or fluid or will standard last all day?

M performance sill covers are they a dealer fit or is it a job you can do yourself?

After years of impreza ownership the other half is glad it's quieter but I feel I maybe missing out on the mperformance exhaust but I don't want the drone on the m69 like the scoob did. What's it like to live with a a daily my last exhaust was a milltek 3 inch on a jdm twin scroll.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome along, the M135i is a great real world car. It's a package that's hard to beat.

Subaru have lost their way in recent years. Nobody wants a car in the £500+ road tax band, poor fuel economy and high costs. They just haven't managed to stay with the times. Strange that they are still stuck at the 300bhp barrier when they were there countless years ago.

Not sure I agree with the performance as the latest Impreza doesn't keep up with other modern cars. Other than a wet twisty road, the Impreza will get thumped off too many car these days. It's gone from the performance car you want, to the one to avoid. They are rare these days.

The M135i is a different car altogether. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, more so when the tweaks happen.
So what mods are a must?

Yes the car is a fantastic all rounder but seems to do everything well with no comprises that I have found. though since buying I haven't had the time or the weather to push to see if it does.

As for Subaru they are pushing the Suv market more than the Sti so don't expect any changes to soon. My comment on it being the fastest point to point is on price as new. all the others have a rrp over 30k.

Doea anyone here do the odd track day if so be keen to find out what the limits of the car are. Do they like the tight techy tracks or is it more suited to places like Silverstone or Snetterton with long straights.
Pop some Eibach Pro springs on, the non-drony MPE, and you'll have a characterful car that's as good on the roads as it on any track. :)

LSD is nice to have, Litchfields are doing BMW Quaifes nowadays.
So it's OK to fit springs to adaptive?
chris_m135i said:
So it's OK to fit springs to adaptive?
Yes, a good few of us have

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Yup, Eibach's work beautifully with Adaptive.
Hi Chris!

Welcome mate. Recently ordered my M135i. Collecting end of March.

Already purchased eibachs for a car I don't have yet!

Also purchased some new detailing additions and some new LED bulbs to replace the halogen brake and indicator bulbs at the rear.

Will just need someone who can code out those few options to stop them flashing!

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Eibachs are inexpensive currently, thanks to the weak Euro:
I hear alot about coding what is it? Is at finding options that are hidden? What can be done to my car? It has pro nav, hk, connected drive (which I have the app for) , rain sense wiper, steering headlights and full beam assist, headlight washers,real time traffic, front and rear pdc, electric front seats, heated seats, cruise control,adaptive suspension and I think that is it.

Sorry I'm used to a 2006 sti with a tape deck and 495hp on meth so all these toys are very alien
Also has full black panel display
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