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Newbie on the m135i hunt

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Hi guys, thought I should introduce myself. I've been thinking about 135's for a few months now and have been secretly browsing these forums getting bad ideas. So going to the local dealer next week for a test drive. I forsee myself signing the dotted line shortly. Anything in particular I should look out for? Cheers, Ronan
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Welcome ... Are you looking to buy NEW or approved used? (If used are you looking at LCI and/or auto?)
If I get the right deal I'll be going for a new one. And manual most likely
Then either give TRL on here a shout or spec your car up on coast2coast cars and use that as your bargaining tool at your local dealer. Also don't forget that on used the Apr is more if doing a pcp. Another thing I'd do is get the dealer to tell you the over all cost if doing pcp as they can fudge the figures and try to make it match what you want to pay per month. Hope this helps and good luck :)
ronanh said:
If I get the right deal I'll be going for a new one. And manual most likely
Hopefully I'll have my order complete in the next day with TRL on a new m135i.

Top rate service emails back and talks honestly no matter what time of night. He must put in some hours.
I've got a price from coast2coast already. I'll see what I can get from my local dealer first and if I'm not happy I'll give TRL a try. From what I have read on here I would just go straight to TRL if I lived in England but it is a flight and boat trip for a return journey for me.
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