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Newbie High Dark Lines question 2011 123d

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Okay Lighting Guru,s can someone let me know what is needed to get my eldest sons rear lights to work please?
He has a Dec 2011 e82 123d Msport with Halogen lights and non LED rear lights, although the car appears to have an LED boot brake light and the door handle lighting option, he has purchased the LED High Dark Lines..... They light up and all functions work normal running lights, brake lights, reverse lights and indicators, but not the LED swoop bars! Is there a way this can be activated? Or something he can purchase to make it all work?
Thanks in advance
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Can you wire them up to the number plate power supply easily enough?
Thanks for the reply, could you explain how that would work please?
I have looked at the number of connections made within the plugs and lights, both old and new. 5 in one plug and 3 in another the same as the originals? Doesn't leave any connections requiring powering up!! But I would love to be corrected, I was wondering if it's as simple as something not activated.?
Hi all,
been doing some reading and curious to know if the extra wiring / harness that's mentioned by some would be the answer to my sons issue! Has anyone used the extra harness to power up the LED,s on the High Dark Lines on a December 2011 e82?
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