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Hello everyone!

It's great to be a part of the Babybmw community ! We are excited to share our expertise, experiences and insights with you!

Founded by Mircea, Mura Car Accessories (MCA) combines the passion for cars and electronics in a vibrant car infotainment repair company that serves clients around the globe. For the past 7 years, we have been devoted to repairing a wide range of modules from brands that include BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover, Mazda, Mini Cooper and Saab. Even if you think your problem is complex, rest assured that we have almost seen it all and are here to answer your most pressing questions.

Throughout the forum, you will get to meet all our team members, including Mircea (our founder and Tech Lead), Mihaela (our General Manager), George (our Electronics Engineer), Alex and Vlad (responsible for operations and technical support). They look forward to answering any questions you might have - regardless of complexity. Ask them anything and they will share their expertise and provide specialized advice based on your specific situation.

One thing that we are very proud of is the fact that we serve clients from all over the globe and thus are able to provide an affordable service with quality. The process couldn't be any simpler. For instance, the client ships their CCC iDrive head unit to us, we diagnose the problem, fix it and confirm it is fully functional, the client makes the payment (safely, through PayPal) and we ship it back. That's it! No fine print, no bureaucracy, no long waits.

Wait, there is more: all our prices are explicitly mentioned on our website. So, there are no surprise fees either !

Whether your navigation reboots mysteriously, seems to have a will of its own and only works occasionally, drains your battery in a heartbeat, or doesn't start at all, our team has the experience and expertise to brainstorm possible causes, diagnose the problem and find a solution.

With a high success rate and a quick turnaround, we have managed to make countless customers from America to Asia happy. Feel free to share your awesome experiences with MCA if you ever worked with us, and if you haven't, we would love to get to know you, answer your questions and share stories and experiences.

Curious enough? Drop by our website and find out more about our team, the services we offer and how the process works. Thank you! We look forward to interacting with you on

Visit us at:
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