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New order colour choice

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so car is just about to go into lockdown and my dilemma is white (primarily to save money) or estoril (which I currently have)

can anyone with lci 3 door in white and blue fire photos in here please? preferably with the coral leather......

have blasted through the photo thread already but would be handy to have them just in this thread.
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I like AW, mainly because waxing is really easy as it doesn't show up where you have missed. But I am very lazy.
Have a white F20 currently, it's nice but I've ordered a 235i in Estoril as when sat next to each other the white looks a little bland. This of course is a very personal opinion, but I wouldn't go white again.
I found the M235i photo thread to be helpful in the decision :wink:
KeithM135i said:
I like AW, mainly because waxing is really easy as it doesn't show up where you have missed. But I am very lazy.
my concerns are it will be a nightmare to keep clean. and I am really ocd about a clean car...... :rollseyes:
Yes white does go dull quicker I have come to accept that. But even a quick clean will make it look pretty damn good, where as in my experience with darker colours it requires more effort every time.
That said though the EB m135i shown on the roof rack thread looks amazing....
Perhaps not quite as good as the blue, but not as bad as you'd think. I had a metallic black car before this one (non metallic white) - the White doesn't show up the dirt as much, doesn't show limescale spots (if you have hard water - the black was horrendous for that) and will be easier/cheaper to repair if damaged.

My brother has a metallic white Jag XE. Looks amazing - makes my alpine white 2er look dull and off-white in comparison. I wonder what the BMW metallic white is like in the flesh?
Is the GFV affected by colour? (Obviously only an issue if PCP)
KeithM135i said:
Is the GFV affected by colour? (Obviously only an issue if PCP)
Nope. Paint adds £0 GFV according to Tony's list.

The thread' my new/replacement lci' thread at bottom of page has pics of white
Yes AW shows every little bit of dirt, that's why my M235i is EB, I took my M135i out in the fog after I washed it and it was dirty after about a mile, I wont buy white again
Well if it adds no value, I would go white. Then spend the £500 (or whatever it is) buying sustanons mods off him.
You're in the same turmoil I was in by the sounds of it, mate. I currently own a white 116d and love the car so the new car was either going to be white or the EB (fell in love with it!) I had the 3Dr white M135i with coral red interior next to a 3dr EB M135i with black interior and went straight for the EB. Personal choice but fab colour!
I've just gone through this ball ache of a decision. Mine came down to magnesium grey or glacier silver. I really love the red leather so I picked which car I thought looked best with it. In the showroom I was swaying towards the MG but on the road, the GS clinched it. Living with the cars is a lot different to standing in the showroom looking with them. My friends MG looks a bit dull if it's not kept clean.
I'm looking forward to picking mine up next month.
Want coral red leather so valencia orange a no go. Not sure on it anyway.
Silver too close to white to justify the cost.
Don't like black in the lci with the rear diffuser.
Mineral grey is nice but I wouldn't choose it.
Blues the nicest and by far my favourite but I've already got it.
Whites probably second favourite when clean but my ocd for a clean car will have me in the mental hospital.
Why is there no red.

White with coral it is then.....
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