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Hello all, :beerchug:

I already dropped some messages on this wonderfull forum while buying my next car. And I succeeded last week! I am so so so happy with the car, what a upgrade compared to my previous car (Seat Leon TDI Topsport 4). I imported the car myself from Germany to The Netherlands, and worked out pretty fast and well! But ok, please let me introduce my new car:

BMW 120 d, Automatic Gearbox, Sparkling Graphite, 22-12-2004, 106.000 km:

And this car is equipped with: metallic paint, leather boston black, rims 16" style 140, automatic gearbox, sport suspension, multi-function sports steering wheel, keyless entry, automatic clima control, sunroof, mirror package, sport seats with tional support and heating, xenon headlights with washers, park distance control, rain and light sensor, cruise control, navigation professional, bluetooth connection, cd-changer, hifi professional, voice recognition.

So, not too much to be added I guess. Nevertheless, I have some small plans in my mind, listed below from small to big plans. After every plan, I added a nice question for you all... just let me know what you think about it... ;)
- exchange the aerial antenna for a shorter one (no help needed, already bought, thanks for the findings on this forum!);
- update the navi professional dvd for the 2008-2 version (no help needed, already ordered and waiting for delivery);
- install the aerodynamic roof spoiler on the back (really completes the back look, but WHERE TO BUY PAINTED AND INSTALL?!?!)
- swap winter tires on the current 16-inchers and buy new summer rims (17 or 18", double spoke, but WHICH?!?!)

Especially with the last two plans I probably going to need help. First of all, I tried to look for the aerodynamic roof spoiler, but I cannot find it! Are there any car-shops in The Netherlands or Germany that can install a painted (sparkling graphite) roof spoiler for me? Or do I really have to go to the dealer... and pay WAY too much for this piece...

And the last plan, although it is a matter of taste, I know, but could you give me some nice suggestions for new summer rims. My requirements: 17 (or maybe 18) inches, double spoke, and not too "open". I am thinking of getting the 141 (very original, but maybe too dull?), or maybe the 207M (but are quite "round", sometimes I don't like these). Are there maybe better options with my given requirements? Maybe rims from the 3-series? Or don't these fit? Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks :thumbs:
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