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New 120D m-sport

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Just said goodbye to this :(

and said hello to this :)

It's a very nice bit of kit. Can't wait until I've got the engine "run-in"...
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Rene130i said:
Funny how you guys did the same. From a extreme machine to a 1 serie. Can you tell me why?
A few reasons for me, mostly financial...

Going from 15mpg to 50mpg (saving me around £2500 a year)
Going from £1200 insurance to £300
Servicing costs vastly reduced (I was spending around £3-4k a year on the scoob)

Plus I fancied a new car. I've been driving Imprezas for 8+ years and fancied a change (I also didn't like the new Impreza very much). The 1 series is a very different beast, but I "think" the handling is as good (although I've not driven it in anger yeat), and it's certainly a lot less tiring on a long trip or the daily commute. Loving all the toys as well :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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