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Need some help finding OEM MPSS RunFlats online

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Newbee here - just trying to find out where people are sourcing their tyres from online?

I am trying to get an idea of prices but so far can't seem to find Michelin Pilot Super Sports Runflats in the OEM sizes (225/40/18 & 245/35/1:cool2: anywhere. (other models are available e.g. PS2, PS3, but i was after the PSS)

Any pointers welcome please.

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I have tried Blackcircles, Camskill and lovetyres so far....
I found that there isn't much choice in run flats, especially the front 215/40/R18. I ended up changing to 225/40/R18 and went to my local STS Man on Wheels who were very helpful and gave me a (limited) choice. Went for Conti Sport Contact 5 in the end.
Hi - i am buying a 63 plate M135i - the tyres on the car at the moment are MPSS - the salesman said that these were runflats....... (???)
will do -thanks!
David's correct, Michelin don't make Runcrap Supersports in our sizes.

My salesman tried telling me they were Runcraps too whilst trying to sell me tyre insurance! Very poor product knowledge.
Thanks for the input.

Just done a quote online at Blackcircles.

4 MPSS fitted comes to 542. (128 each on the fronts, 143 each on the rears)
Try Tyre Leader and Camskill for supply only prices, have them fitted locally?
just done a bit of comparison (prices are mail order only, i.e. not fitted) for 4 new MPSS tyres:

Blackcircles - 476 Total

Camskill - 492 Total

TyreLeader - 478 Total

Blackcircles are 542 all in fully fitted. Works out to be about 16 pound per corner for fitting - seems reasonable doesn't it (?)
Fyi - blackcircles have put their price up overnight for fitted rear - 143 up to 160 each.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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