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Delievered to me on Friday, six days ago. Started to rain exactly when I started my car for the first time to take it home, Grrr... And it has continued to rain to Sunday. A lot of wind too, some kind of storm here in Sweden. Not the best start so the car is already dirty.
I haven't washed the car yet becuase I've been out driving, 720 km, kilometers, since Friday. 1300 km left until the break in period is over.

My impressions so far, runflats, not my best friend, little bit noise from the tires, it's a shame since the car is so quiet from windnoise so you hear the tire noise. Runflats will be replaced when they've been worn out. The glove compartment (or whatever the english name is) is too small, only place for one CD case, the rest have to stay in the trunk.
I need longer arms to reach the seatbelt becuase my car is the 3 door version so the doors are larger and you need to stretch longer to reach the seatbelt. I want the same function you find in E92 .

The drive is excellent , even though the storm, the car is very stable on the road. The car is quiet. The steering feel is awesome, very precise. The steering wheel is thick and very nice to grip, mine is the sport steering wheel. The gearbox is slick, sporty feel and tight gearchanges. Short gearshift feels sporty too.

The sportseats are comfortable to sit in (I did a 2 hour drive without the need to take a break) and offer good grip for the back and legs. Push a button and the seats will squeeze you harder, that's particulary good if you want to take a bend in a high speed or if you want to do track driving. The seats will help you hold your position.
Interior materials with high quality and good feel on buttons and such. No complaints here from me.

I have the sportchassi on my car and the chassi is stiff but still offer good comfort. If you drive over a hole you feel the suspension but drive on the highway or a country road you dont feel much from the suspension, you only feel pleasure and being amazed how good the car handles.

I like sporty cars so this car suit me perfect, it's my type of car.

Colour is Lemansblue metallic and its only available if you choose the M-package. This colour was first introduced for M5 E39 many years ago and it's now only available if you choose the M-package.

So far no problems with the car and you can't get enough driving. 1-series offer a nice driving experience. :D

Photos can be found here:

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