Hey guys.
I've had these kicking around in my garage for a year.
They came with a set of the blue Brembo 4 pot M135i calipers that I bought for my E81. But I've since moved to a set of original M Performance calipers.
So these are not needed.

Very minimal wear, just scoring from the previous discs, so will need a good bedding in, as expected.

13mm pad thickness, 16.5mm if you include the backing plate. Considering the stock width including backing plate is 17.7mm, they've had 1.2mm of wear. Next to nothing.

Part numbers on the pads:
E1 90R - 02A0061/0508

Name:Brake Pad Set, disc brake
Part number:T2166
Width [mm]114,8
Height [mm]91,2
Thickness [mm]17,7
Wear Warning Contactprepared for wear indicator
Brake SystemBrembo

I'll post these (UK only) via Royal Mail inclusive.
Any questions then shout.