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I used to use a Meguiars wool mitt, but when at the hardware about two months ago I was buying paint and noticed a lambswool paint mitt. Oddly the elastic stitching looked the same as the meguiars one, and it had the same hook loop. Same shape, but no bug removing harsh mesh side (I don't care what meguiars says, that side scratches like crazy). The wool pile looked thicker, which I was worried might be too rough, but I purchased one anyway.

Now after using it a few times I can say it is way better than the meguiars one which is obviously sourced from the same supplier but of a lower grade.

This painting purpose mitt is so much softer on the car, holds the dirt in the fibres really well, and enables you to turn sides to spread less dirt. Best part was it cost exactly the same as the Meguiars one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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