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Who wins March's photo comp?

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Open theme for March – any photo of your Baby BMW is fair game!
We're running a bit late because of the tie-breaker, so to make it easier to get the entries in, anything that follows the rules goes :)

At the end of the month, the winner will receive:
  • One year of premium membership (no ads, focused browsing mode, and more)​
  • A profile badge to show off your winner status​
  • A place in our new Hall of Fame Gallery
  • Their winning photo featured on the homepage until the next competition is finished​
We do have some basic rules – these may change month-by-month to suit the theme, so please read them carefully:
  1. You must have been a member for 30 days and have made at least 10 posts to enter. This will be counted as at the date/time of this thread being posted. If you don’t qualify now, stick around for a few weeks for your chance at glory.​
  2. The photo must contain a Baby BMW ;) This means any model we have a specific forum for.​

Congratulations to @rusty13, February's winner.​
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