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M3/M4 LCAs installed

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It was fun...watching my mate do it...

Took 2 hours + 1h for toe alignment using strings - we think we got to about 90% of a neutral toe but the steering wheel is slightly off. The main thing is that it's almost there. I assume that a proper laser alignment will redo the toe so that the steering wheel is dead straight.

Very wet so difficult to judge the improvement but the car seems more neutral - turn in seems sharper and steering more immediate - will try tomorrow and take pics - the headlights don't seem affected in terms of height but again will check...
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Good work, by your Mate! :p
And good work by you MP, thanks for all your help. I am a bit slow understanding all this mechanical stuff.

Track day on 20/02 (Bedford) so will finish off the front MPSS with slightly more of a chance that they will survive the morning as hopefully the insides tread will start doing a bit more work...
So what are the alignment settings once the new LCA's are added?
The Iphone thingy didn't work but hoping for 2 deg of neg camber - there is no adjustment so the rig will tell me next week.

We've tried to get as close as possible to no toe either way using strings, but that's obviously difficult - I am quite confident we're not far and the car does go straight plus turns in consistently either way.
Steering is MUCH improved. That alone was worth it, in addition to the extra front lat grip and shoulder preservation. Better get the oil topped up...

Good man. Another LCA convert !!!

How much and what parts are required
Also anyone know who can fit in Essex
Thank you
£299 delivered from Cotswold. Will post parts number and torque values or look at MP son of Skippy thread. Any reputable local garage can fit, one hour labour plus alignment.
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ahh very good mrfrog!
be good to hear more once youve been to bedford :)

theyre on my list but i have a more immediate issue to sort with my engine :lol2:
What's wrong with your engine ?
JB4'd it to death. :( We're hoping he's just cooked his spark plugs, although they're really not that old.
Hopefully not too bad.
After 300 very wet miles in France and having had the cars alignment tweaked locally and the wheel straightened, I can report that the front end is bloody sorted now, it ****ing grips. Where there was push understeer before on a moderate throttle there is none of it, it goes straight to oversteer when provoked. The car is VERY neutral with plenty of options and it is far more immediate. I got 1deg28min on one side and 1deg47min on the other, I wish it was symmetrical but nothing I can do. At least the side with more camber is also the side where I sit so that might compensate... The rest is spot on toe wise. 1deg35min of neg camber on both rear wheels : would increasing that improve or deteriorate traction ?
Good stuff, sounds about right. :)

Decreasing the rear camber should improve traction, but increase oversteer too of course. It's always a balancing act, I'd probably leave that roughly where it is for now. My rears are up at 1°48' , but I'm running the Drexler to help compensate
Thanks MP. Is the Drexler the official BMW solution ? How much does it cost fitted ? And do you get a deal through who you know ? PM if you like. Cheers. Nick.
Yes, it's the official BMW Performance LSD. I managed to find mine 2nd hand and fitted it myself. I believe Cotswold are doing then for around £2,400, but it's worth trying TRL too.

Litchfield are advertising Quaifes for less than £1,800:
Way to go Nick, this mod has been on my list before I even got the car 5 months ago :)
I am really pleased as I feel the LCAs also go some ways towards the added feel and directness that aftermarket springs supply but without the loss of travel which I wasn't keen on (I like a bit of roll). And that's only a side benefit.
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