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2017 M140i Auto
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I’ve had my M140i F20 LCI Auto for about 2 months now, and I’m slowly getting used to it!

Some may find this weird, but I am enjoying Comfort mode more than Sports mode for the short spurts of rolling acceleration. The car seems to have the same ‘kick’ in Comfort compared to Sport, at least when doing about 20-40 mph and then accelerating for a short bit, but this could just be me being inexperienced and not being used to these sorts of cars.

The reason that I prefer Comfort mode though, is because after finishing each short spurt of acceleration, the gearbox seems to return to a much more ‘sociable’ gear a lot faster, rather than hanging on to that lower gear for too long. I guess in a racing situation, I might want that lower gear for longer, but It just seems to me like the acceleration is just as readily available in Comfort mode, as long as I give the throttle a little squeeze to ensure that the revs climb to around 1800rpm before putting my foot down. I know these cars reach maximum torque very low down in the rev range so I’m guessing that’s the reason for not having to build the revs higher before putting my foot down!

Contrary to the above though, when I accelerate from stand-still, I find that Sport mode seems to be the optimum mode for fast acceleration and a more enjoyable mode to be in. From my inexperienced perspective, this seems to be because Sport mode ensures that the gearbox always selects a gear that keeps the engine spinning at an rpm range that is never under about 1800rpm (as in my Comfort mode example) where maximum torque can be generated immediately at a touch of the throttle. I could be wrong!

So to summarise, Comfort mode seems more enjoyable for short rolling pulls and Sport mode seems more enjoyable for short stand-still pulls. Does anyone else feel this way?

On another note, I do seem to get mixed results on my stand-still accelerations in Sport mode. The other day I got the car to find traction and pull hard right off the line, but I tried the same thing the day after and I was fighting the wheel-spin off the line and couldn’t get anywhere near the same hard pull. On both occasions, the roads were completely dry and I am running MPSS tyres all round. I have heard some people say to use 2nd gear from stand-still, but if I want to keep the gearbox in ‘auto’ mode, then selecting 2nd gear would put the gearbox temporarily in ‘manual’ mode, which it then seems to want to hold on to, instead of changing up for you! (I want the auto gearbox to do the changing up for me, but just to start off in 2nd gear, as long as this is the option that gives more traction!)

The other thing that I heard some people say is that I should be using Sport+ (Traction mode but with DSC disengaged) for stand-still accelerations, as this would give me more traction off the line?? But I thought that this would give me less traction off the line! I am too new at all of this!

I haven’t even considered using Launch Control yet and I don’t intend to for the time being - not just yet anyway!

Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated and I’m sorry for the horrendously long post!
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