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First of all the car specs:

Comfort package, USB port, M Sport Seats+wheels+suspension, lights package...

We went on a trip from London to Munic using the eurotunnel, about 1400 mile round trip.

The pros:

Consumtion, amazing!! I set the cruise control to about 80mph (most european countries have a 120-130kph speed limit) and just relaxed along Belgium motorways! On refuel in Luxembourg my tank range said 535 miles! the most I've ever had! I also used "ultimum Diesel" there.

Noise, good. Did not need to turn the radio up or shout over to the wife. Very well insulated and designed. The runflats did make a noise difference though on some rougher road surfaces which is to be expected with every tyre.

Seats, for reclining and sleeping in good, but...

The cons:

Seats, bad!! Ok, I know they are sports seats and not armchairs like a tourer would have, but still... If you have them and are planning a longer tour you will need to know this! They kill your lower back!! I am 6foot 2" and they hurt my back in every possible setup way. My wife is 5foot 4" and she did not fair any better! Lumbar supprt is the key word here! If you want to be able to walk upright when you get there, pack a small pillow or chiropracter... you'll thank me for this advise.

Lights, conversion problems. This might be a individual experience but I had been told by the sales person at BMW that changing the lights for european driving is not a problem. Just pop it past the aftersales people and they will adjust it for me. It seems no adjustment is possible, sticky hedlight converters are used at 20 quid a pop! It just let me down thats all...

Apart from the points mentioned nothing more springs to mind. The journey took us about 10 hours and the dog enjoyed her ride on the back seat :)

Any questions just pm me!
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