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It's been a long wait (I ordered in October), but it's been worth it. Dead chuffed with my lovely one.

I created this image to show the differences between the 1 and the Golf. They're about the same length but the front wheel is much nearer the front of the car (obviously).

What interests me though is that the rear axle is so far forward in the 1. To get weight distribution rearwards they've got the rear wheels as forward as they dare.

I've noticed that a lot of reviews of the car complain that getting in the back is difficult and this is often confused with absence of rear leg room. Sure, rear legroom isn't as generous as the Golf, but there's not that much in it, but look at the difference in the size of the rear door!

For the record, I can quite comfortably sit behind myself, but then I'm no giant.

Initial impressions.

Engine: -

My first diesel. It's powerful, and there's something weird about getting a big shove at any revs over 2000. The dip before 2000, esp. getting off the line is a little annoying, as is the throttle lag, although it's minimal compared to the last turbo car I drove (which was a long time ago). The vibration is minimal, it's a smooth engine. After having a straight 6 I thought it might be a real step down going to a 4 but this is much better than the 4's of old.

I quite like the noise, but it is noise. It's quiet when cruising though.

When you turn the engine off though, the whole car rocks and you remember that there's some seriously heavy parts moving under there.

Getting about 44mpg so far.

Gearbox: -

I drove a manual for the test drive and was disappointed with the vibration through the gear lever and clutch. This has now gone, there's none at all through the gear selector. Love the selector, really good design, so easy to use. I find the gearbox very responsive and smooth and I can't imagine a manual being any quicker most of the time. SMG would be a bit nicer though.

Handling & Ride: -

Ride is firm, well damped and comfortable. No lurching from side to side, or pitching under brakes. Can't say I'd like a firmer ride though. I really think the sports suspension and bigger wheels are over-kill, but then I like a comfortable car.

Steering is lovely.

Grip is (as far as I've experimented) high.

Seriously high.

Like, do you really need to ever brake for a corner?


Ok, maybe when following an Audi. :D

Noise & Comfort: -

Still adjusting the seats to my requirements. As you can imagine with sports seats and lumber there's loads of permutations. I do feel very comfortable though. On a long run it's a quiet car, and the auto box and cruise control remove any stress.

Interior: -

This was the one area I was expecting to not like the 1. I used to have a (seriously old) Jaguar and loved the wood and leather. Maybe it's just the beige leather that's made the difference but I'm really pleased with what I've got. It looks classy, high quality, and is quite easy to use. The lights package really seems special, esp. when you turn the engine off after a long run and the interior lights come on gradually. Class.

One thing I don't like is the closeness of the cruise control to the indicator. Several times I've confused the two and when I've been trying to turn off the cruise I've actually been driving up the ar$e of the next car and flashing them!

Having said that, I used to have a BMW motorcycle and that had very strange controls, but you got used to them and soon realised how good they were. I'm sure this'll be the same.

Overall: -

This car is sporty, fast, economical, comfortable, and quiet. Seriously, would you ever need anything else?

Ok, if you need more space or need to go off road (like anyone really does?) then fair enough, but apart from that I can't imagine you'd need anything else.
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