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Hello Guys Help required please !
installed my ewg board and ff wires along with the ewg harness to my old jb4 box and today i installed it to my new car but now its broke !
The car starts and runs roughly for 20 seconds or so before cutting out with the normal drive train error ? it restarts ok but the same thing happens again. the fault code showing is 11a002 ?
ive left it in the garage for now ill go back later and have a play with it but im 90% sure ive connected everything ok within the engine bay but i suppose i could have cocked up the harnesss/ff wires when connecting to my old harness possibly ?
im thinking about disconnecting the ff wires later and see what that does ? i have connected it to the normal positap position and not the obd port and uploaded what i think is the correct firmware ?
any thoughts guys ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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