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Tire Wheel Cloud Sky Car

Congrats again to @AddySY, December's winner.
This month's challenge is all about your BabyBMW in black and white. Make your ride the center of attention and show us how stunning it is without the distraction of color.

Share your best monochrome shots of your BabyBMW!

At the end of the month, the winner will receive:
  • One year of premium membership (no ads, focused browsing mode, and more)​
  • A profile badge to show off your winner status​
  • A place in our new Hall of Fame Gallery
  • Their winning photo featured on the homepage until the next competition is finished​
We do have some basic rules - these may change month-by-month to suit the theme, so please read them carefully:
  1. You must have been a member for 30 days and have made at least 10 posts to enter. This will be counted as at the date/time of this thread being posted. If you don’t qualify now, stick around for a few weeks for your chance at glory.​
  2. The photo must contain a Baby BMW ;) This means any model we have a specific forum for.​
Be creative and have fun!
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