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Hi guys, sorry for the long post! but I’ve got a bit of a problem having changed to 19” wheels on my 2015 M235i. Wondered if someone may be able to help!?

I’ve installed the following:

Front: new 8.5J ET40 19” rims with 235/35/19 michelin PS4S tyres

Rear: new 8.5 ET45 19” rims with 255/30/19 michelin PS4S tyres

I’ve done about 200 miles and the car just feels really floaty, vague and doesn’t give any confidence driving. At times it sometimes feels like the back end wants to overtake the front. Tramlines terribly etc

Obviously the ride is firmer on 19’s, but that’s tolerable. But the dynamics feel very wrong!

I have had this same setup on other BMWs before (e46 M3’s) but not with these specific tyres. Appreciate its a different ‘animal’ though. I’m therefore wondering if it’s a tyre issue as having googled it others have reported issues with Ps4s and staggered setups. Maybe 235 on the front was a bit of a push on the 235?

Any advice really appreciated. Presently contemplating going back to 18’s, as as much as I love how it looks now, I didn’t buy it to just stare at the thing lol 😂

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